As inspired by the NowNowNow Project, here’s what I’m currently doing NOW (updated June 2017):

  • Published my first book, titled ‘MHS Entrepreneurs
  • Reading a book each week and sharing the biggest lessons on my podcast ‘What You Will Learn‘ co-hosted by my great mate Adam Jones
  • Helping businesses create customised podcasts to spread their message and grow an engaged audience over time through Podcast Creations
  • Killed previously successful but now lukewarm projects, like My Maths Mentor, Master VCE and The Sock Club. Shifted focus to things that I’m more passionate about and areas in which I can add more value.
  • Expanding my knowledge base by reading more books. Here’s what I’ve read so far and here’s my Good Reads profile with a list of what I want to read next.

Get in contact at any time you like 🙂