Trump: The Art of the Deal (WYWL podcast)

Trump: The Art of the Deal

Donald Trump is a pretty topical character right now, so this week we’ve reviewed his book from 1987. We loved the insight into a life in the week of Donald Trump, and love, love, loved the ‘Elements of the Deal’ chapter. There’s no denying it – Trump is a serious deal maker and has achieved some serious success in his life. His ‘Trump Cards’ can be applied to any negotiation and even have broader applications to life more generally.

Limits To Growth (WYWL Podcast)

“Human Beings and the Natural World are on a collision course”

With rapid, exponential growth and delays in our responses, we may overshoot the Earth’s limits. There are limits in the world’s sources of production and sinks for pollution, so we need to be vigilant in monitoring our growth and react quickly and efficiently if we go beyond our limits. If we overshoot too far or for too long, the world as we know it faces a near-certain collapse.

Adam Jones says this is now one of his top 5 books he’s ever read. We skip some of the specifics and talk about the overarching theories. We also talk about what governments and organisations need to do, but also the 11 things you can do to save the planet.