Crushing It – by Gary Vaynerchuk [WYWL podcast]

Crushing It – by Gary Vaynerchuk

‘How great entrepreneurs build their businesses and influence – and how you can, too’


After reading and reviewing Gary’s first book, Crush It!, we were eagerly awaiting the follow up. Crushing It goes deeper into the eight essential components that are required to build a great business as an influencer, and then dives deep into all of the current hot platforms you should be spreading content on.


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Michael Shermer [WYWL podcast]

Michael Shermer is the founder of the Skeptic Society, which boasts over 55,000 members today. He is also the editor-in-chief of Skeptic Magazine.

Skepticism means viewing the world through a rational eye, always looking for scientific evidence to support or refute new claims, and always beginning with the null hypothesis (assuming it’s false and putting the onus on the claimant to prove that it’s true).

In this episode, we talk a little bit about the philosophies of being a skeptic, we talk about conspiracy theories, and we talk about Michael’s brand new book ‘Heavens On Earth’, which took a look at the scientific evidence of the afterlife, heaven, utopia and so on.


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Skeptic – by Michael Shermer [WYWL podcast]

Skeptic – by Michael Shermer

‘Viewing the world with a rational eye’


This book is a taste of what it means to be a ‘skeptic’. Put simply, it means not believing everything you see, hear or read. It means putting all new claims through a series of questions and examinations in order to find the truth, not just the opinions of fringe thinkers.

The book covers a whole bunch of short essays on a wide range of ideas – out of the hundred or so in the book, we pick our favourites three or four each to discuss and talk about the approach you should take for viewing the world as a ‘skeptic’.


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So Good They Can’t Ignore You – by Cal Newport [WYWL podcast]

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – by Cal Newport

‘Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love’


This book is a real-world look at career progression and getting the most out of your working life. Newport argues that ‘follow your dreams’ is almost always bad advice, and in many cases, it’s actually dangerous.


Rule #1 – Don’t Follow Your Passion

Rule #2 – Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Rule #3 – Turn Down A Promotion

Rule #4 – Think Small, Act Big


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Crossing The Chasm – by Geoffrey Moore [WYWL podcast]

Crossing The Chasm – by Geoffrey Moore

‘Marketing and Selling disruptive products to mainstream customers’


If you want to build a new multi-million-dollar disruptive technology, your first step should be to read this book. Moore breaks down the market according to their psychographics into: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards. Many new technologies can appeal to innovators and even to early adopters, but the ‘chasm’, where all the dead bodies lie of crushed hopes and dreams, is when companies try to cross over to the early majority.

If you’re building a business, its something you need to understand.


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Greg McKeown [WYWL podcast]

Greg McKeown is the author of the book ‘Essentialism’.

In this episode, we talk about:
– The ‘Busy’ Bubble

– Elon Musk’s ‘First Principles Thinking’

– How we can be less ‘busy’ but more productive

– How employees can apply the principles of Essentialism even if they’re not the boss

– And much more.


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Essentialism – by Greg McKeown [WYWL podcast]

Essentialism – by Greg McKeown

‘The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’


Why are people so ‘busy’? Why do people feel like it’s a badge of honour to have a calendar full of meetings? It’s important that there is a MASSIVE difference between ‘activity’ and ‘productivity’ – just because someone tells you they’re so busy, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually achieving anything.

Centred around the German maxim weniger aber besser, ‘less but better’, Essentialism is all about finding what is truly essential and cutting away everything that is not. It’s about doing less, but achieving more.


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Dan Heath [WYWL podcast]

We spoke to Dan Heath, one half of the Heath Brothers, who wrote two books we read and loved (Switch & The Power of Moments), as well as Made to Stick and Decisive which we are yet to read (but certainly will soon!).

Aside from being a fan of our post-episode songs (one of the very few people who didn’t skip the song), Dan drops some awesome stories that we didn’t get to tell during our own recap of The Power of Moments.

We love their books, we love them, and we can’t wait to read whatever comes next!

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The Power of Moments – by Chip & Dan Heath [WYWL podcast]

The Power of Moments – by Chip & Dan Heath

‘Why certain experiences have extraordinary impact’


Chip & Dan have done it again! We read and reviewed their book ‘Switch’ back in 2017 and it was phenomenal. Now, we’ve had a crack at their latest book ‘The Power of Moments’ and they’re delivering the goods.

Have you ever wondered why some experiences stand out in your memory much more strongly that others? The Heath Brothers have cracked the code: Elevation, Insight, Pride, Connection.


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Kevin Kelly [WYWL podcast]

We spoke to Kevin Kelly, author of The Inevitable, to find out all of te thing that are coming in the next three decades. KK describes the ’12 technological forces’ that will shape our future, and we spent the first half of the interview talking about all things tech. Towards the second half of the interview, we transitioned to talking about the ‘obligation’ we have to do something great with our lives and how we can achieve more. A really interesting discussion with a really interesting guy – Tim Ferriss constantly refers to Kevin as the most interesting man in the world.

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