Crossing The Chasm – by Geoffrey Moore [WYWL podcast]

Crossing The Chasm – by Geoffrey Moore

‘Marketing and Selling disruptive products to mainstream customers’


If you want to build a new multi-million-dollar disruptive technology, your first step should be to read this book. Moore breaks down the market according to their psychographics into: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards. Many new technologies can appeal to innovators and even to early adopters, but the ‘chasm’, where all the dead bodies lie of crushed hopes and dreams, is when companies try to cross over to the early majority.

If you’re building a business, its something you need to understand.


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Greg McKeown [WYWL podcast]

Greg McKeown is the author of the book ‘Essentialism’.

In this episode, we talk about:
– The ‘Busy’ Bubble

– Elon Musk’s ‘First Principles Thinking’

– How we can be less ‘busy’ but more productive

– How employees can apply the principles of Essentialism even if they’re not the boss

– And much more.


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Essentialism – by Greg McKeown [WYWL podcast]

Essentialism – by Greg McKeown

‘The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’


Why are people so ‘busy’? Why do people feel like it’s a badge of honour to have a calendar full of meetings? It’s important that there is a MASSIVE difference between ‘activity’ and ‘productivity’ – just because someone tells you they’re so busy, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually achieving anything.

Centred around the German maxim weniger aber besser, ‘less but better’, Essentialism is all about finding what is truly essential and cutting away everything that is not. It’s about doing less, but achieving more.


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Dan Heath [WYWL podcast]

We spoke to Dan Heath, one half of the Heath Brothers, who wrote two books we read and loved (Switch & The Power of Moments), as well as Made to Stick and Decisive which we are yet to read (but certainly will soon!).

Aside from being a fan of our post-episode songs (one of the very few people who didn’t skip the song), Dan drops some awesome stories that we didn’t get to tell during our own recap of The Power of Moments.

We love their books, we love them, and we can’t wait to read whatever comes next!

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The Power of Moments – by Chip & Dan Heath [WYWL podcast]

The Power of Moments – by Chip & Dan Heath

‘Why certain experiences have extraordinary impact’


Chip & Dan have done it again! We read and reviewed their book ‘Switch’ back in 2017 and it was phenomenal. Now, we’ve had a crack at their latest book ‘The Power of Moments’ and they’re delivering the goods.

Have you ever wondered why some experiences stand out in your memory much more strongly that others? The Heath Brothers have cracked the code: Elevation, Insight, Pride, Connection.


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Kevin Kelly [WYWL podcast]

We spoke to Kevin Kelly, author of The Inevitable, to find out all of te thing that are coming in the next three decades. KK describes the ’12 technological forces’ that will shape our future, and we spent the first half of the interview talking about all things tech. Towards the second half of the interview, we transitioned to talking about the ‘obligation’ we have to do something great with our lives and how we can achieve more. A really interesting discussion with a really interesting guy – Tim Ferriss constantly refers to Kevin as the most interesting man in the world.

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The Inevitable – by Kevin Kelly

The Inevitable – by Kevin Kelly

‘Understanding The 12 Forces That Will Shape Our Future’


This is the second time we’re reading and reviewing ‘The Inevitable’, because we’re super excited to be speaking with the great Kevin Kelly during the week. This book takes a lot at the next 30 years and what new technologies and other changes are coming our way. Kelly describes how these changes will affect the way we live and interact with the world. VR sex anyone?


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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki [WYWL podcast]

We headed to Dr Karl’s place and had one of the most fascinating conversations of our lives. Probably the smartest and most curious dude we’ve ever met, Karl certainly taught us a thing or two. We covered:
– the downside of Adam Jones quitting coffee

– Life beyond Earth

– Space Travel

– Climate Change

– And how to more broadly save the world.

Dr Karl is an absolute legend and is making science accessible and enjoying for everyone.

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Karl, The Universe and Everything – by Dr Karl [WYWL podcast]

Karl, The Universe and Everything – by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki


Doctor Karl is one of Australia’s most recognisable faces and has been popularising science for decades. He’s a TV personality, radio presenter, podcast host and author. This is his 43rd book (woah!). He dives into topics such as:

  • Sexist Air-Conditioning
  • Poo velocity
  • Earworms
  • Lightning and Power
  • Solar Energy
  • Marijuana
  • and Life Beyond Earth


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The Effective Executive [WYWL podcast]

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The Effective Executive – by Peter Drucker

‘The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done’


A new favourite of ours. It was written in 1967, so the world is very different today, but the principles in this book still hold strong. Simple ideas presented in this book can have a substantial impact on your effectiveness, like focusing on results and contribution, managing your time before managing your tasks, and focusing on opportunities rather than problems.

The 8 questions or practices of an Effective Executive:

  1. ask, ‘What needs to be done?’
  2. ask, ‘What is right for the enterprise?’
  3. develop action plans
  4. take responsibility for their decisions
  5. take responsibility for communicating
  6. focus on opportunities rather than problems
  7. run productive meetings
  8. think and say “we” rather than “I”

The 5 Habits of an Effective Executive:

  1. Know where your time goes
  2. Focus on outward contribution
  3. Build on strengths
  4. Concentrate on the few major areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results
  5. Make effective decisions


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