As inspired by the NowNowNow Project, here’s what I’m currently doing NOW (updated December 2016):

  • Expanding my knowledge base by reading more books. Here’s what I’ve read so far and here’s my Good Reads profile with a list of what I want to read next.
  • Working on extracting that knowledge. In the past, I just read. Now I’m working on trying to distill the key takeaways and apply them to my life. I’ve started a podcast with my friend Adam Jones to recap our key learning form each book (check us out at What You Will Learn), I’ve started writing some summaries here, and I’ve started writing In Just Minutes so you can see exactly what a book/movie/documentary/podcast episode is about in just minutes before you spend hours on something that’s not relevant to you right now.
  • I completed the Unleash the Power Within event with Tony Robbins (Sept 9-12). What an unbelievable four days! So many changes, decisions and actions to be made – now I’m working on making them!


  • I’m at a key point in my first ever business, My Maths Mentor. It’s at the point where I either go full steam ahead with it in 2017, or I pretty much let it go. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  • Currently writing my first book. I’ve had so many books I wanted to write, and in the end, none of them got started. I’m committed to finishing this first one, then I can start thinking about a second, but I MUST finish this first! My side of the deal is pretty much done, which is exciting! Now just organising things like the foreword, cover, editing, typesetting and printing. This will all be completed by 31/01/2017 and sent to the printers.
  • JUNE: Trying to grow a little project, The Sock Club. If most blokes are like me, they HATE shopping, especially for things as meaningless as socks. The Sock Club will deliver socks straight to your door every single month, so you’ll never have to shop for socks again, and maybe you can get something better for your birthday this year! SEPTEMBER: This is now on hold. A few hiccups with suppliers meant it wasn’t as easy as I first thought! It’s not trashed, just shelved – let me know if you think this is a good idea and maybe we can work together to reignite it.
  • Oh, and yeah, I’m working full time at a bank. Not for much longer though… UPDATE: Left the bank in October this year, definitely a weight off the shoulders.


Get in contact at any time you like 🙂